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The Perfect Way To Showcase Your Story

Do you feel like you have something unique to offer? Have you succeeded in your field and are ready to share that knowledge? Writing a signature book is the perfect way to showcase your story while providing readers with real-life examples they can use to achieve similar success.

A signature book is geared toward people who have tried various approaches and failed. It’s an opportunity for you to show them a fresh, new system that has yielded positive results in the past. With this book, you can help others learn from your successes and failures and apply those lessons in their own lives.

You should consider writing a signature book if:

– You feel passionate about sharing your story and experiences

– You have a unique approach that has worked for you in the past

– You have real-life examples of successes to share

– You are confident in your ability to teach others

Writing a book is a fantastic way to showcase your knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm. With a signature book, you can allow readers to learn from your journey while inspiring them to create their own success stories. It’s about more than just writing – it’s about helping others unlock their potential and make their dreams a reality. With this book, you will be able to give them the tools they need to achieve success.


Are you ready to take on the challenge of writing a signature book? Would you have the knowledge and experience to share your unique approach? If so, it’s time to take the plunge and start writing! With enough dedication and hard work, you can create something that will empower readers to reach their goals and gain success. It’s a fantastic opportunity – so what are you waiting for?


Charlotte Howard Collins is here to help guide you through the book-writing process. From creating a plan of action to sharing valuable tips on making your book stand out, she has everything you need to give your signature book its best chance at success. Don’t wait any longer – contact Charlotte today and get started on your book-writing journey!


How To Get Fully Booked Using Your Book


Are you a female business owner who would like to be fully booked? If so, using your book can help you achieve this goal.

Here are some tips on how to get fully booked using your book:

1. Use your book as a marketing tool. You can use your book to attract new clients and customers. Ensure you include information about your business and services in your book. You can also use your book to promote special events or promotions that you are running.

2. Use your book as a networking tool. You can use your book to connect with other female business owners and professionals. You can exchange books with them or use them as a conversation starter. This is a great way to build relationships and expand your network.

3. Use your book as a way to build credibility. When you write a book, you are seen as an expert in your field. This can help you attract more clients and customers, as well as speaking engagements and other opportunities.

4. Use your book to connect with your target market. When you write a book targeted toward your ideal client or customer, you are more likely to attract them. Make sure your book provides value and is something they would be interested in reading.

5. Use social media to promote your book. Social media is a great way to reach new people and promote your book. Make sure to post about your book on your social media channels and encourage your followers to share it with their friends.

By following these tips, you can use your book to help you get fully booked.

How to Build Your Speaking Career Using a Book

As a woman entrepreneur, you know the importance of networking and speaking opportunities. But did you know that one of the best ways to build your speaking career is by writing a book?

Here’s how it works: when you write a book, you establish yourself as an expert in your field. This can make it much easier to get speaking engagements since event organizers are always looking for qualified speakers. And once you start speaking, your book can be used as a marketing tool to help promote your speaking business.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few tips:

– First, choose a topic you’re passionate about that will appeal to your target audience.

– Next, find a good publisher to help market and distribute your book.

– Finally, don’t forget to promote your book through speaking engagements, social media, and other channels.

By following these tips, you can build a successful speaking career using a book as your foundation. So what are you waiting for? Start writing today!

Want To Get Your Clients FAST Results?

Remember those 3 areas I’ve been discussing with you that are critical to master if you ever hope to be a successful female business coach?
`You must be able to generate leads whenever you want
`You must be able to convert those leads into high paying clients
`You must be able to get those clients fast financial results so they remain your clients for years… NOT months

In my last blog, I explained the process I’ll teach you that will give you the ability to close 50% to 70% of the prospects you speak with about coaching.

You will achieve these high conversion rates by using 8 simple breakthrough strategies that give you the power to walk into any business and in less than 45 minutes, show that business owner how they can triple their leads, double their sales and increase their annual revenue by more than $100,000… and without spending a cent on marketing or advertising.

But today, let me show you how to get your coaching clients FAST results so they stay with (and pay) you for years.
Most coaches struggle to get their clients quick financial results. But that’s what your new client expects the day they hire you to coach them. If you aren’t making them MORE money than the amount they’re paying you to coach them within 60 days… you’re toast!

But getting results for any business is actually a very simple process. You simply use those same 8 simple breakthrough strategies you used to find your prospects over 6 figures in additional revenue, and implement those strategies with your new clients over your first 12 months of coaching them.
On average, these 8 strategies will produce a MINIMUM of $500,000 in additional revenue for ANY business (even a mediocre one).

For example, since you know you need to pay for your coaching services right out of the gate, advise your client to set up several joint venture relationships with other businesses that are complimentary but non-competitive to their business.

Take a florist for example. One of the major profit centers for a florist is a wedding. A typical wedding order runs around $3,000 in floral arrangements. A florist can easily set up joint ventures with jewelers (no one gets married without going to the jeweler first), wedding planner, church / chapel, reception venue, wedding dress provider, wedding cake maker, printer for the invitations, travel planner for the honeymoon and so on. There are many others in this line of succession depending on the bride-to-be’s financial situation.

A bride-to-be will contact ALL of these service providers with the exception of the jeweler (the guy does that when buying the engagement ring but the jeweler can subsequently speak to the young lady when she comes back to have the ring properly sized). ALL of these providers can refer business to the florist, especially if the florist has created a compelling and irresistible offer that compels these types of referrals.

This generates IMMEDIATE revenue for the florist as these providers can begin the referral process that day. A new coaching client will be tremendously impressed when they experience a substantial revenue increase within just the first 60 to 90 days of working with you, and that’s what’s required today to keep clients on a long term basis.
Another fast revenue generator for any business is the immediate implementation of an upsell / cross-sell campaign. McDonald’s has made BILLIONS from this strategy over the years. How often have you walked into a McDonald’s planning to get the $1.95 burger but walked out with a drink and fries for $5.00? And how long and how hard is it for a McDonald’s manager to train the 16 year old kid at the counter to say “would you like fries and a drink to go with your sandwich?”

Did you know the national average for upselling and cross-selling is a 34% overall revenue increase? Roughly one out of every three customers WILL buy something else IF ASKED to do so. The problem is most businesses NEVER ask! Again, this strategy can be implemented immediately for ANY business no matter what they sell.

But please remember WHY this is so important. Not only will this secure your coaching client so they continue to work and pay you for years to come, but when I train you, I’ll teach you how to negotiate a minimum 10% revenue share in all of your coaching agreements. Since the 8 strategies you will implement for each of your clients over their first 12 months will increase their annual revenue by an average of $500,000, your share of that comes to $50,000… PLUS your upfront monthly coaching retainer which averages between $1,000 to $2,500.
That means each client you coach could be worth $60,000 to $70,000 or more.

So here’s the secret roadmap to getting started as a successful female business coach.
Use the networking strategy and script I shared with you in my first blog to generate as many leads per week as you can handle. Then develop a process that gives you the ability to find more than $100,000 in less than one hour for any business owner you speak with. If they’re convinced the money you find them will really materialize, they will hire you on the spot. This process will give you the ability to sign up clients at will.
Finally, implement whichever set of strategies are warranted to immediately begin to generate more bottom-line revenue for your client. Clients today MUST see an immediate return on their investment in your coaching services or they WILL bail on you within the first 60 days.

This is a proven and tested trio I train all of my business coaches how to use and profit from. I hope you will let me do this for you as well. Continue with your due diligence and then let me help you build a highly lucrative and successful coaching practice.

Want to Close More Clients?

Yesterday I mentioned to you that there are 3 areas that are critical to master if you ever hope to be a successful female business coach.

`You must be able to generate leads whenever you want
`You must be able to convert those leads into high paying clients
`You must be able to get those clients fast financial results so they remain your clients for years… NOT months
In my previous blog, I explained a networking strategy my coaches are using to generate as many new coaching leads as they can handle.

Today, let me show you the process I’ll teach you that will enable you to close 70% to 90% of the prospects you speak with about hiring you to coach them.

Remember last time I said that I’ll teach you how to walk into any business and in less than 45 minutes, show the business owner how they can triple their leads, double their sales and increase their annual revenue by more than $100,000… and without spending a cent on marketing or advertising?

This is the key to signing up clients at will. If you can show a business owner that you can make them more money than they will need to invest, they will hire you on the spot.
I’ll teach you 8 simple breakthrough business strategies that will generate tremendous revenue gains for any business that implements them.

And best of all, NONE of these strategies require the business owner to spend any additional money on marketing or advertising. Let me give you an example of just one of these strategies that has to do with developing an effective marketing message.
We recently coached a cosmetic surgeon that specialized in what he called a “Mommy Makeover.” This is a cosmetic surgery procedure for women 30 to 45 years of age that have had 2 or more children and they want their bodies “tightened” back up.

The surgeon was spending around $6,000 monthly running a Facebook pay-per-click campaign and was only generating around 35 leads per month and ZERO sales from it. He had no idea what was wrong with his marketing.
Once we looked at his Facebook ad, we knew what was wrong. His ad said this: “nurture the body that provokes true envy!”

Would you like to know the secret to marketing – you must learn to enter the conversation taking place in the head of your prospect.

So with that in mind, consider this scenario – you’re a 40 year old woman that has 3 kids and you don’t like the way you look. When you look in mirror, are you thinking to yourself, “I wish I had a body that provokes true envy?” Pretty absurd, wouldn’t you agree?
So we had the surgeon change his message to this: “how would you like to have the body you had before you had kids?”

His leads exploded from 35 per month to an average of 400 leads. That one minor messaging change increased his monthly revenue by $600,000. That’s how powerful these strategies are that I’ll teach you.
When you meet with your prospects, you will typically uncover somewhere in the range of $150,000 to $350,000 in additional annual revenue for every business owner you speak with. Then after you find them that money, ask them one simple question: “would you like my help implementing these strategies?”

That’s it – case closed! You will average a 50% to 70% client conversion rate following this process.
Next time, I’ll explain how you can use these same 8 strategies to increase your coaching clients annual revenue by at least $500,000 in your first year of working with them, and have you collect 10% of that additional revenue ($50,000) as a portion of your coaching fee.